Larry Brown-

Larry Brown- Out Reach

Larry Brown has been a Pagan for almost 40 years and a Wiccan since 1989. He grew up with Ozark witchcraft but his family didn’t think of it as anything other than country living.

His friends often call him El Bee. His students call him Professor. He is the Professor of Dark Artes at the Magica Consortium and co-founder and Board Member Emeritus of the St. Louis Pagan Picnic. El Bee is a Priest and Elder of Yarrow Coven since 1989.

His association with OSS began in 1992 when it was still called Ozark Avalon and became an Oak Spirit in 1996. He served on the Advisory Council at OA for several years after that. El Bee was elected to the Board of Directors of OSS in 2015 and is still serving our community in that capacity.