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This year Oak Spirit Sanctuary will be undertaking the largest capital project in our history: the installation of septic systems for both the shower house and the retreat center.

This major project requires our largest fundraising campaign to date. As part of these efforts, we are pleased to announce the creation of the OSS Sustaining Donor Program and the launch of the First Annual Winter Fundraising Campaign.

We ask you to support OSS by becoming a Sustaining Donor through a minimum donation of $60 per year during 2018. That’s just $5 a month — the price of a cup of coffee. And you can set up payments to happen automatically.

All donors who contribute $60 or more or who set up a recurring donation of $5 or more will receive the benefit of free camping at OSS during non-event times (some restrictions apply). Donations will also be credited toward the $75 price of an invitation to our fall Donor Appreciation Event.

Yes, I want to support OSS!

We encourage you to set up automatic monthly payments and early payments, with the goal of having enough funds by this spring to begin work on at least the first phase of the septic system project. We can do this!!

To recurring donors, in thanks, we are offering the following gifts: (and don’t forget the free camping!)

  • $5/month ($60/year): OSS mug
    • Add a one-time $25 donation before March 25th: receive a t-shirt too!
    • Add a one-time $45 donation before March 25tht: receive invitation to our Donor Appreciation Event too!
    • Add a one-time $120 donation before March 25th: receive 2 t-shirts and 2 invitations to Donor Appreciation Event too!
  • $7.50/month ($90/year): OSS mug and invitation to Donor Appreciation Event
    • Add a one-time $25 donation before March 25th: receive a t-shirt too!
  •  $10/month ($120/year): OSS mug, t-shirt, AND invitation to Donor Appreciation Event
    • Add a one-time $35+ donation before March 25th: receive a plus one to the Donor Appreciation Event.

To one-time donors, in thanks, we are offering the following gifts until March 25th:

  • $25: OSS t-shirt
  • $60: OSS mug and  t-shirt OR an invitation to Donor Appreciation Event
  • $100: OSS mug, t-shirt, AND invitation to Donor Appreciation Event
  • $120+: OSS mug, t-shirt, and two invitations to Donor Appreciation Event
  • And don’t forget, free camping for the year (at non-event times) for all donations of $60 or more!

Please do what you can to make our land and facilities as good as they can be, for ourselves and our future.

Donate now


So where is this money going?

All funds beyond those needed to print and ship incentives goes directly to fund the mission and work of Oak Spirit Sanctuary. After critical operational expenses (mortgage payments and utilities) the number one priority for Oak Spirit Sanctuary in 2018 is the installation of a new septic system at the retreat center followed by a septic system for the Frog Bog, our shower house . The retreat center will eliminate the need for the non-compliant open sewage lagoon east of the retreat center. The Frog Bog system will be adequate to add multiple flush toilets as we work to improve the overall condition of the structure and system.

This 'Donor Appreciation Event' is new. What is it?

The idea is to have an event in the fall hosted by OSS to give back to those who gave to us financially. We don’t have the details worked out, so are open to ideas. We want it to be rewarding! It will include much of the trappings of a regular festival event including a feast and a bonfire. Maybe some music. Surely a dance party. We are even considering (no promises) offering a meal plan (for purchase). Input and volunteers are welcome!! Children under age 18 may attend with a donor invitee.

I want an invite to the Donor Appreciation event, but can’t make my donation until after March 21st. Can I still get one after that date?

Invitations will be available after March 21st for a total donation of $75 any way you do it between January 1, 2018 and the day of the event. For example, if you have made 10 $5 per month donation beginning in January, you can go to the event for $15 at the door in October.

Can I use work vouchers for the Donor Appreciation event?

No. However, discounts may be made available for those who volunteer to help at the event itself. Invitations may also be granted for some in-kind donations at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

So what do these mugs and t-shirts look like?

Here is our design, drawn by a friend of the tribe, and voted on by the community:

I’m really on a budget, but I SO WANT a mug or T-shirt!! How do I get one?

A $25 prior to March 20th gets you a T-shirt. The also make great gifts!! At this time mugs are only available as part of an incentive package. There MAY be limited numbers available to purchase following the campaign, but the only way to ensure you get one is to choose an option that includes a mug!

Will T-shirts and/or mugs be available for purchase AFTER March 21st?

Maybe. Maybe not. Supplies may be limited if they are. The ONLY way to GUARANTEE getting your hands on one and in your size is to donate by March 21st.

When can I expect my mug or T-shirt?

This is a fundraising campaign, and being stuck with a bunch of left over merchandise undermines our efforts. Therefore, we won’t be placing the order until the Winter campaign concludes. We should have them by early April.

Will you ship my incentives to me?

Yes, we will . . . but we’d rather not. The incentive program does support delivery by USPS, but those costs do eat into our profit margin. Any money we can save on postage will go directly to the operation and improvement of Oak Spirit Sanctuary. We’re happy to mail them to you. We’re even happier if you can pick them up or arrange to have someone else do so for you.

I want every single cent of my donation to support OSS! Can I decline the incentives?

Sure. Just let us know in the comment box when making your donation and we’ll make sure your full donation goes to fund OSS’ mission.

I want to make a $60 gift, and I also want to cover the cost of the T-shirt “at cost”. Can I do that?

We LOVE the way you think! Add $7.50 to your donation to cover the cost of the shirt if you pick it up. If you want it shipped, add $11 to cover the cost of the shirt plus shipping. If you’d like to donate the cost of a mug add a one-time donation of $5 or $8 depending on whether it’s shipped or picked up. Every dollar helps!!

Are you ready to improve OSS? Sign up here!

Donors who contribute by March 25th will be contacted by one of our fundraising volunteers to discuss your incentive package. If you would like to facilitate this discussion, please complete this brief survey before or after making your donation.

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