Oak Spirit Sanctuary and Orphanarium Merge 2018 Aug 17th-19th

August 17-19th
Oak Spirit Sanctuary and Orphanarium will be coming together over this weekend to build a new Shelter for OSS and have a fantastic time!

Saturday mid morning Micheal Stark and Kerry Lynn will host a short discussion on the Ten Burner Principles and the Natural Laws of OSS, in hopes that we will all be respectful of each others ways and enjoy the the land which, I am sure, we can all agree is beautiful.

Together we will be building a Wooden Shelter that will remain at OSS for all visitors to use. Please contact Micheal Stark via the fb invite or email (showmem@sbcglobal.net) him if you would like to be on the building crew or if you have material you would be willing to donate to the construction.
More information and updates at https://www.facebook.com/events/252475232036929/

Saturday night we will have the Effigy, Fireworks and Fire performances.

Bring your hula hoops, your poi, your drums, music makers and all the fun cloths you never get the wear in the mundane world. Or don’t bring any at all, this is an adult only 18+ clothing optional event.

Cost is $30.00 you can pay at the gate or via paypal.me/OakSpiritSanctuary  Please add a note saying ORPH/OSS.

OSS is a trash in/trash out, please take home what you bring in and more if you can!

Upcoming Events:

                                                    Sturgeon Moon Lunar Gathering (Barley Moon) Aug 25th

  • Join us for an Esbat ritual that connects us to the season, a community potluck, and songs, drums, and merriment.
  • Oak Scouts at 1:00 pm (unless otherwise noted)
  • 3:00 Pm  Year and a Day Class-  The Three Fold Law, How Oath Breaking Effects Our Life. (Wiccan tradition with Mike Sager) at 3:00 pm
  • Community Potluck is at 6pm- bring a prepared potluck dish large enough to serve 10 and join us.
  • After dinner Community meeting at 7:00pm
  • Ritual is at Dusk- with dancing and chanting at the community fire afterwards.
    Come early to settle in, help prepare, or volunteer on the land.

For frequent event updates, check Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/2027959204117220/)  or email info@oakspiritsanctuary.org for more information.

Attendance at our monthly lunar gatherings in always free. If you would like to camp overnight there is a $10 per night/per tent fee.
Donations are optional, but suggested for lunar gatherings. We depend on event donations to operate!


  Harvest Homecoming August 31- Sept. 3rd 2018

Harvest Homecoming is the time of year when all earth-honoring tribe is invited to come HOME at Oak Spirit Sanctuary! Our Harvest Homecoming festival includes 3 rituals to honor the harvest festivals, plus workshops, bonfires, and camping.

Sugar Cyanide will entertain us with an amazing fire show Saturday evening.

$35.00 Pre- registration till Aug 24th.
$50.00 from Aug 25th to at the gate.
Vending free with merch donation for our raffle and paid registration. Please email inof@oakspiritsanctuary.org
*ATTN Dawn Finney*  for vending information.

Four days for us to enjoy our beautiful land.
More information will be added asap, and click going on the Facebook invite for updates too.

Follow this link to pay now, please add HH18 to the notes.

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A Spiritual Home for Earth-Honoring People

Oak Spirit Sanctuary isOak Spirit Sanctuary is an Earth-centric community working to create a safe haven in a sustainable environment for people of diverse cultures and belief systems. We host festivals for major Sabbats of the Wheel of the Years, and we hold monthly full moon gatherings with ritual, potluck, and fireside fun.

All are welcome. Our community is full of diverse paths. Join us to be nourished by the land, by ritual, by song, and by family.

About OSS

Providing Access to Nature

Your spirit needs to connect to the earth. Our 160 acres of forests, meadows, shrines, and bluffs are a safe place to honor and experience nature. Caring for the land in an environmentally responsible, spiritually conscious way is part of our mission.

Our land is also a wonderful spot for camping and rentals for outside events.

About the Land