Solar Eclipse:

August 21

Watch and celebrate the eclipse from

the Oak Spirit Sanctuary campground,

one of the best spots in the country to view the event.

Join us

A Spiritual Home for Earth-Honoring People

Oak Spirit Sanctuary is a non-profit church of Shamanic Wicca. We host festivals for major Sabbats of the Wheel of the Years, and we hold monthly full moon gatherings with ritual, potluck, and fireside fun.

All are welcome. Our community is full of diverse paths. Join us to be nourished by the land, by ritual, by song, and by family.

About OSS

Providing Access to Nature

Your spirit needs to connect to the earth. Our 160 acres of forests, meadows, shrines, and bluffs are a safe place to honor and experience nature. Caring for the land in an environmentally responsible, spiritually conscious way is part of our mission.

Our land is also a wonderful spot for camping and rentals for outside events.

About the Land

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