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Upcoming Events:


December Work Weekend

 Saturday December 14th at 9:00am thru Sunday the 15th at 3:00pm

Come out and spend a weekend of camping and camraderie as we volunteer on the beautiful and sacred land we all love. Lunch will be served to all those participating in the work weekend and camping will be free!

Depending on the weather we will have indoor projects to work on also to prepare the Sanctuary for Yule.

Working on the land also earns you A $5.00 voucher that can be redeemed for up to %50 percent of the cost of future Oak Spirit Sanctuary events.



Saturday December 21st at 3:00pm til 11:00pm

We will be gathering on the 21st for our Yule Lunar and will be having potluck, a magical gift exchange, ritual and fellowship!

The magical gift exchange is for those items that we have bought for ourselves or have been gifted to us that don’t really speak or serve purpose anymore. Jewelry, tarot, stones, books and etc. Sometimes we find ourself with items intended for other people. These are the items that are perfect for the magical gift exchange. Wrap it up and bring it to join in on the fun of a rousing game of Sneaky/Dirty Santa!

For potluck please bring something to feed up to 8 to 10 people. Remember to bring the ingredients if not store bought! For those of you who don’t cook stay tuned for a post from the Kitchen Witch for other household/kitchen items that might be needed.

It is 10 dollars to stay in the house if you wish but space is limited. It is also 10 dollars to camp for any brave souls willing to do so in the cold!

Come and please spend the day with us and brightest Yuletide Blessings to those who cannot make the journey!

Yule Schedule

1pm – Gates Open
2pm – Tree Decoration
3 pm – Yule Workshop
4pm – Magical Gift Exchange
5pm – Yule Log Preparation
5:30pm – Potluck
6:30 pm – Ritual Conspiracy
7 pm – Ritual

After Ritual Yule Bonfire Time



Wolf Moon Lunar

Saturday January 11th 9:30am til 11:00pm

Info Coming Soon!!!


January House Work Weekend

Saturday January 11th 9:30am Thru Sunday January 12th at 4pm

Info Coming Soon!!!

We will be working around the Lunar activities, so that we can enjoy them together.


Winter God/Goddess Weekend

January 24th – 26th

Info Coming Soon!!!





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A Spiritual Home for Earth-Honoring People

Oak Spirit Sanctuary isOak Spirit Sanctuary is an Earth-centric community working to create a safe haven in a sustainable environment for people of diverse cultures and belief systems. We host festivals for major Sabbats of the Wheel of the Years, and we hold monthly full moon gatherings with ritual, potluck, and fireside fun.

All are welcome. Our community is full of diverse paths. Join us to be nourished by the land, by ritual, by song, and by family.

About OSS

Providing Access to Nature

Your spirit needs to connect to the earth. Our 160 acres of forests, meadows, shrines, and bluffs are a safe place to honor and experience nature. Caring for the land in an environmentally responsible, spiritually conscious way is part of our mission.

Our land is also a wonderful spot for camping and rentals for outside events.

About the Land