Oak Spirit Sanctuary

Upcoming Events:


Family Beltaine Festival

Saturday May 18th At Noon – 11:00 pm That Night

Free Event (Excludes Camping Fee)

12:00 – Gates Open – Families encouraged to set up tents and spend the night. It is 10 dollars a tent and children’s tent’s are free.

1:00 – Royal games
2:00 – Children’s Activities – The May Queen and King of OSS will be greeting their Ladies in Waiting and Squires. The children will be invited to. make their flower crowns and court dresses or decorating their armor and fashioning their sword.

3:00 – Children’s May Pole

4:00 – Main Ritual – Children are invited to participate and will be a part of this rite.

6:00 – Potluck – Please bring a dish big enough to serve 10 people.

After Potluck there will be drumming and chanting around the fire.


St. Louis Pagan Picnic

June 1st and 2nd At Tower Grove Park in St. Louis

We will be attending the annual St. Louis Pagan Picnic for the weekend. We will have a booth set up as well as a misting tent sponsered by us. If you have never been it is worth the trip just for the lemonade and empanadas. Please check out the event website and stop by and see us while you are there.


June Lunar – Strawberry Moon

June 15th at 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Join us for an Esbat ritual that connects us to the season, a community potluck, and songs, drums, and merriment.

Gate opens at 5:00 pm

Community Potluck is at 6:00 pm- bring a prepared potluck dish large enough to serve 10 and join us.

Ritual is after sunset when darkness abounds – Stay after to socialize around the fire with others of the community.

For frequent event updates, check Facebook or email info@oakspiritsanctuary.org for more information.

Attendence at our monthly lunar gatherings in always free. If you would like to camp overnight there is a $10 per night/per tent fee.
Donations are optional, but suggested for lunar gatherings. We depend on event donations to operate!


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A Spiritual Home for Earth-Honoring People

Oak Spirit Sanctuary isOak Spirit Sanctuary is an Earth-centric community working to create a safe haven in a sustainable environment for people of diverse cultures and belief systems. We host festivals for major Sabbats of the Wheel of the Years, and we hold monthly full moon gatherings with ritual, potluck, and fireside fun.

All are welcome. Our community is full of diverse paths. Join us to be nourished by the land, by ritual, by song, and by family.

About OSS

Providing Access to Nature

Your spirit needs to connect to the earth. Our 160 acres of forests, meadows, shrines, and bluffs are a safe place to honor and experience nature. Caring for the land in an environmentally responsible, spiritually conscious way is part of our mission.

Our land is also a wonderful spot for camping and rentals for outside events.

About the Land