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Due to the current crisis from the Covid-19 outbreak.  All Oak Spirit Sanctuary activities are canceled through the end of June.  As this situation develops we will continue to update on any changes to this decision.


The Sanctuary is still open for community members to visit and camp if they would like too.  There is a $10.00 per tent, per night camping fee payable through our PayPal account link below.




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A Spiritual Home for Earth-Honoring People

Oak Spirit Sanctuary isOak Spirit Sanctuary is an Earth-centric community working to create a safe haven in a sustainable environment for people of diverse cultures and belief systems. We host festivals for major Sabbats of the Wheel of the Years, and we hold monthly full moon gatherings with ritual, potluck, and fireside fun.

All are welcome. Our community is full of diverse paths. Join us to be nourished by the land, by ritual, by song, and by family.

About OSS

Providing Access to Nature

Your spirit needs to connect to the earth. Our 160 acres of forests, meadows, shrines, and bluffs are a safe place to honor and experience nature. Caring for the land in an environmentally responsible, spiritually conscious way is part of our mission.

Our land is also a wonderful spot for camping and rentals for outside events.

About the Land