Visiting OSS

The Land

Oak Spirit Sanctuary is 160 acres of fields, groves, woods, and beautiful high meadows. Located on the western bluffs of the Missouri River overlooking thousands of acres of conservation wetlands, it lies at the intersection of the Ozark Shield, Great Plains and Missouri River biospheres. Because of its unique location, it is home to an enormously diverse array of plant and animal species. Archaeological finds on the property indicate periodic habitation and possible ritual use for several thousand years.

The caretakers of the land are the Board of Directors, Clergy, and the Land Stewards who are all dedicated to the well-being of the land and the community.

Day Visits / Visiting Hours

Oak Spirit Sanctuary is open for daily visiting sunrise to sunset, seven days a week, throughout the year, unless closed for a ticketed OSS event or private rental.  Visiting after closing hours (sunset) is by prior arrangement or with camping registration.  Contact with inquires.  If you are new to Oak Spirit Sanctuary, we encourage you to visit on a work day or a Lunar in order to get your questions answered and become acquainted with the property.

Natural Laws

Natural Laws of Oak Spirit Sanctuary

Long Form                                                           Approved 30 May 2023


Welcome Home! Thank you for your interest in Oak Spirit Sanctuary. 

Oak Spirit Sanctuary is committed to providing a safe space for the community to spiritually practice either solitarily or in groups. The Oak Spirit Sanctuary prides itself on being made up by a community with diverse spiritual practices all of which are valid and respected here. At Oak Spirit Sanctuary we walk in peace.  Aggression will not be tolerated, be it in physical, verbal or social media form. Whether you are here for a festival, camping, or just the afternoon, please respect the wellbeing of the church, the land, and all our community members, and follow the following policies. 

The Natural Laws document is a brief summation of some of the general policies of our community. See the full policy manual at for greater detail.

OSS relies, in part, on the generosity of the members of our community. Please make donations online via paypal at our website or the black lock box located at the Retreat Center entrance. 


Oak Spirit Sanctuary welcomes all persons, regardless of their race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, physical or mental ability, socio-economic position, physical appearance, marital status, or military status.  


Oak Spirit Sanctuary does not permit any people on Oak Spirit Sanctuary property who are on the National Sex Offender Registry who have been convicted of crimes defined by The National Guidelines for Sex Offender Registration and Notification as:

  • “engaging in a sexual act with another by force or the threat of serious violence;
  • or engaging in a sexual act with another by rendering unconscious or involuntarily drugging the victim.” 
  • or for any sexual crime that involves a minor.

Personal Responsibility 

Be responsible for your own welfare and for the welfare of those in your charge while at Oak Spirit Sanctuary. Oak Spirit Sanctuary will not be held liable for personal loss or injuries while attending the festivals, camping, visiting or otherwise using the land of Oak Spirit Sanctuary.

Any behavior that endangers the safety of our children and families or the security of our land and church is prohibited.  


Children are warmly welcomed at Oak Spirit Sanctuary. Please keep in mind that children and minors are always the responsibility of their parent or guardian while at Oak Spirit Sanctuary. Children are not allowed to wander unattended or unsupervised. All children are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with all guidelines set forth.

Land Use 

Oak Spirit Sanctuary is 160 acres of forest, meadows, shrines, and bluffs. Oak Spirit Sanctuary borders private property. Please be courteous and do not trespass on our neighbor’s property, such as the large barn located close to the entrance. The cabins on-site are not for general use to the Oak Spirit Sanctuary community. There are many shrines and sacred spaces on the land. The community is encouraged to leave offering, but the general public should not remove items that have been left at shrines as offerings. Nailing, screwing or otherwise restricting trees is highly discouraged and would require approval from Oak Spirit Sanctuary leadership for these offerings. If you are interested in adopting, or creating a shrine or sacred space please contact the Oak Spirit Sanctuary leadership. 

  • No hunting is allowed at Oak Spirit Sanctuary. Protection from aggressive animal predators that may put your safety at risk is acceptable. 
  • Fishing by permission only. Please contact a member of the Oak Spirit Sanctuary leadership if interested in fishing. Please consider a donation for maintenance of Lake Gaia. 
  • Do not disturb or remove plants or animals without permission from the Oak Spirit Sanctuary leadership. 
  • Fires may be made in established fire-pits only. No unattended fires and during windy weather fires may be prohibited. No cigarette butts, trash, cans or other waste may be burned in the fire pits. Fire should be properly extinguished prior to leaving the property or immediate area. Ritual fires should only be tended by appointed fire tenders. 
  • Fireworks, including sparklers and poppers, are not allowed.
  • No discharge of wastes, pesticides, herbicides, foggers or other agents to repel insects or kill noxious weeds without prior approval from Oak Spirit Sanctuary leadership. 
  • No littering. Oak Spirit Sanctuary is a pack in pack out campsite. Food scraps may be disposed of in the community compost close to the back area of the retreat center. 

Substance Use

Oak Spirit Sanctuary obeys all local, state and federal ordinances and laws. Alcohol is allowed unless otherwise stated (e.g designated sober camps/events). We ask that you please drink responsibly and in moderation. Drinks are often shared around the fire. No nitrous oxide allowed on OSS property.


Family-friendly pets may be brought to Oak Spirit Sanctuary. The pet must be within the owner’s control at all times whether by leash or crated. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet, including waste. Any animal that disturbs the people or other animals will be asked to leave along with their owners. Oak Spirit Sanctuary is not a shelter for animals. Please do not drop off your pets.


For the purposes of the Clothing Optional Policy, OSS is divided into three “zones” that are also defined on maps with color coding.

Geographically, these are defined as:

Zone 1: (Red) From Gate to “Y” in road

Zone 2: (Yellow) From “Y” in road to Maypole Hill

Zone 3: (Green) Past Maypole Hill and All Private Shrine Areas, Lake Gaia and beach.

In terms of clothing options, the Zones are defined in the following manner with regard to the presence of minors.

  • Zone 1: (Red) Clothing is worn, covering tops and bottoms, by people of all genders, at all times.
  • Zone 2: (Yellow) Toplessness is allowed (with bottoms covered) for all people if no minors are present. If minors should appear in Zone 2 when they previously were not present, any topless person will be given time and opportunity to put on clothing. People of any gender have the option of covering nipples alone but remaining shirtless. (Missouri State Statute)
  • Zone 3: (Green) Clothing optional (full nudity permissible) at all times. Minors (those under the age of 18) are not allowed in Zone 3. 

At times when there are no other people in Zone 3, minors may accompany their parents or guardians into Zone 3, but must be taken out of the area if others arrive who wish to practice nudity.

Code of Conduct:

Any people practicing full or partial nudity at OSS must not use their bodies in a sexually harassing way toward others, nor may others regard nudity as an invitation for sexual advances. Such incidents should be reported to Oak Spirit Sanctuary leadership. 

Parents of Minor Children

Any parent(s) who bring minor children are advised to understand the clothing optional policies and areas of OSS. It is the responsibility of the parent to supervise their children and keep them out of clothing optional areas if they do not wish the children to view nudity.

Photography and video recording

Be courteous when taking pictures or recording. People who are taking photos or recording should ensure that they have the consent of all people in the photo, especially if those images will be posted to social media.

Camping At Oak Spirit Sanctuary

Camping is available whenever there is not an OSS ticketed event or the property is closed for a private rental. Camping is not included on Lunar Gathering weekends, but is included with volunteer participation on work days.   The retreat center is not available for lodging at this time.

For Camping information, Registration, and Payment links please visit the link below:

Camping At Oak Spirit Sanctuary



Download a PDF of the property map

Amenities include:

  • Three-Acre Lake
  • Hiking Trails
  • Natural Shrines
  • Permanent Circle Areas
  • Land to stay on and connect with Nature
  • Retreat Center (1880’s era farm house)
  • Outdoor and private hot showers