Volunteer Opportunities at Oak Spirit Sanctuary

Volunteer opportunities at Oak Spirit Sanctuary onsite and online!
*Social Distancing Guidelines will be applied. Potluck and community meals will not be available at this time.*

Volunteering does have its perks, camping is free while you are volunteering and you can get work vouchers to use towards upcoming OSS festivals and IMHO the Bonfire and tribe after a day of productivity =

  • Onsite
    This year we will be working on
    Firewood, split and stacked.
    Bat Houses installed
    New Mailbox
    Mowing, weeding, fire-pit , and trail upkeep.
    Shrine clean-up
    Box Base
    Informational Signs repaired, built, painted, replaced.
  • The retreat Center-
    We have the DIY pallet walls in the kitchen and garden beds upkeep…oh the list goes on!
    Work weekend plans will be discussed in this group. If you are already in there keep an eye out for upcoming projects and deadlines, come help where you can. If you are not, please feel free to join!

Land Management group link

  • If Digital is more your thing we could use volunteers in the social network and outreach area in the following areas-
    Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, & Content Creators

Social Media group


  • Content Creators Needed!
    Do you enjoy making content? Memes? Then the Social media group is for you!

Join the Outreach group here-

Assist in networking with other Pagan friendly events, practitioners, Covens, and more!

Additionally, we have an Advisory Group, this groups is for those who wish to be more involved with the day to day responsibilities of the church. The Advisory group can be a path to being a board member, but it is not a requirement.
Email us at info@oakspiritsancturay.org if you’d like an advisory group application or have suggestions on other way to volunteer or to ask for more information.
Hope to see as many of you (Online or Onsite) this year as possible!
Blessed Be