Volunteer Opportunities at Oak Spirit Sanctuary

The best way to volunteer is to get involved at our monthly work days or work weekends.  See the calendar of events on this website or on facebook.

Volunteering at work days is a great way to support OSS and build community.  Lunch is usually provided by OSS.  If you come and help on a work day, camping is free that evening. You can earn vouchers to use towards upcoming OSS festivals.

  • On the property:
    Tasks include wood busting, trimming overgrown tree branches, maintaining fire rings, mowing, trail maintenance, gardening.  Some tasks involving OSS equipment are limited to those with training, but there is always something for everyone to do.
  • The Retreat Center:
    Cleaning, maintenance, general upkeep or specific projects.

Land Management group link:

Other ways to help: Share events with your friends and like-minded groups.  Assist in networking with other pagan friendly events, practitioners, Covens, and more!

Email us at info@oakspiritsancturay.org