About Oak Spirit Sanctuary

Oak Spirit Sanctuary

Oak Spirit Sanctuary is a diverse spiritual community. We experience nature as a manifestation of Deity, and nature spirits as real and present in our lives. Our mission is to provide access to nature, a safe place for outdoor worship in an earth-centered, earth honoring spiritual context, to promote community among persons with these beliefs and practices, and to further environmentalism and appreciation for all creatures of good intent.

All are welcome at our monthly lunar gathering and potluck (on the Saturday nearest the full moon), as well as our Sabbat festivals, which we celebrate based on the Wheel of the Year. Find upcoming events on our event page or Facebook page.

Our 160-acres of forest and campgrounds is also available for rental by outside groups. Please contact us at info@oakspiritsanctuary.org for more information!

Finally, friends of Oak Spirit Sanctuary are welcome to camp on the land when no events are scheduled. Please check in upon arrival. There is a fee of $10/campsite/night. More information is on our Visiting page.

We have a Facebook page and thriving Facebook group for more detailed conversations in our community. Frequent announcements about events, the land, and community news are made there.

“Oak Spirit Sanctuary is an Earth-centric community working to create a safe haven in a sustainable environment for people of diverse cultures and belief systems.”

OSS  venerates the Divine as God and Goddess, manifested in Nature, by celebrating the cycles of the seasons in the Wheel of the Year, Sabbats, Phases of the Moon, and Esbats, in an eclectic fashion honoring the Masculine and the Feminine in all Their aspects. We believe Nature is a manifestation of deity, as immanence and continuous creation. Thus humankind is related to, and not set above, all other life. By embracing personal responsibility, we profess our interconnections with all life. This is expressed by stewardship of the Earth, respect for all life, and each other.

Oak Spirits are the church, as our name implies. Becoming an Oak Spirit involves showing dedication to the church through participation, adherence to our Natural Laws and the Visiting Rules and Regulations. If you would like to know more about Oak Spirits, please feel free to ask an Oak Spirit, board member or clergy.  

 Visitors are welcome at events; for camping or day visits; and as part of outside event rentals. Visitors should check in at the retreat center and are expected to follow our Natural Laws on how to treat the land and people at OSS.  More information about visiting.