Camping At Oak Spirit Sanctuary

Camping is available at OSS whenever there is not an OSS ticketed event or the property is closed for a private rental.

Campers are encouraged to contact OSS about proposed dates of camping. This allows OSS to verify that there are no conflicting events or rentals. Methods of contact are via e-mail, message, or by using the online camping registration form. Campers are encouraged to pay in advance using the payment link.

Time Limit: Open camping is allowed for up to 7 consecutive days. Camping for longer than 7 consecutive days in a 30 day period would require a long-term camping contract.

Here are a few basic pointers about camping at OSS
  • The land does not have designated campsites like you’d find at a state park; please use common sense when choosing a campsite and do not camp inside ritual circles.
  • Camping at OSS is primitive and rustic. There are no electric sites, no RV pads, no flush toilets, no water hookups, and no tank dumping sites.
  • Porta potties are on site for toileting.
  • There is an outdoor shower house (“Frog Bog”) with hot water with four open-air showers and one private stall available from approximately late April to late October.
  • OSS is a “pack-in / pack-out” site, so please take all of your trash and recycling with you.
  • Fires must be in established fire rings only and managed responsibly.
  • Friendly pets are allowed at OSS but must be leashed and controlled at all times. No free roaming pets. Pet waste must be collected and packed out as well.
  • All visits to OSS are at the visitor’s own risk. The land is rustic and the terrain is uneven.  There is risk of harmful wild animal encounters and unexpected weather events.  Depending on a visitor’s mobile phone service provider, reception and service may be poor or unavailable. 
  • If it has been rainy and the grounds are wet, please do not drive off the gravel road. OSS may cancel reservations of campers in large trailers or RVs during times of heavy rain.  All vehicular traffic may also be restricted to certain areas depending on the condition of the land and/or road. 

We strongly recommend reading through the “Natural Laws” document to become familiar with the basic policies regarding land use and personal conduct when visiting and camping at OSS.

Camping Fees

Camping is per night: $5.00 per adult camper (18 and older) and $5.00 per each camping structure in which you will sleep and/or camp out of (tent, pop up camper, vehicle if using as a camping structure, smaller sized RVs) (Excluded from fees are E-Z ups used for shade.)

Children aged 17 and under are free. If children have their own tent aside from the adult tent that has been paid for, their tent is free.

Unaccompanied minors/ children (under 17 years old) are prohibited from camping alone.

Larger RVs and mobile homes:

Oversized campers: Over 25 feet,”fifth-wheelers,” and Class A motorhomes are charged $20.00 for the camping vehicle fee for the first night (in addition to the fee per person). Following days are charged at the regular camping structure rate. Visitors with oversized campers are encouraged to limit the use of the road  to necessary trips only. Large RVs may be restricted to certain areas of OSS.

Fees for People
Adults 18 and older$5.00 per adult / per day
Children 17 and youngerFree (including children’s tents if separate from adult camping structure)
Fees for Camping Structures
Tent, small to mid-sized camper, vehicle camping (no fee for E-Z ups used for shade)5.00 per per day
Oversized Campers/5th Wheeler$20.00 first day, then 5.00 per every additional day
One adult camping in one tent with one E-Z up$10.00 per day
Two adults in a small pop-up camper with three children who have their own tent$15.00 per day
4 adults in a large motorhome $40.00 on first day of camping then $25.00 every day of camping thereafter
One adult camping out of their car sleeping in a hammock$10.00 per day

Camping Registration and Payment

Please register all adults and children camping:

When registration is submitted, you will see a dialog box with a Paypal payment link. Or, you may use the link below to submit your calculated camping fee per days camping.

Questions? We have answers. Email: